Guiding Eyes For The Blind
Puppy Raisers and friends;
this page is for you!

Proceeds from your purchase of a buckle collar helps fund the Guiding Eyes For The Blind program!

Guiding Eyes for the Blind Puppy Raisers are required to keep a metal buckle collar on their puppy for training.  Here you can place an order for an adjustable buckle collar or standard buckle collar.

Adjustable buckle collars have one grommet at the end and a metal slide to adjust it's size. 1" adjustable buckles have a range of 14-24", while 3/4" adjustable buckles have a range of 11-18". (Perfect for new, young pups!)


 American Stars 1" 

(White Stars are Outlined in Blue)

Sante Fe 1"

Red Bones 1

Red Bones 1"

 Cayman Islands 1"

Squirrels 1

Autumn Squirrel 1"

Beetlejuice 1"

Alligators Green on Teal 1

 Alligators Green on Teal 1"

Flip Flops 1"

Hearts and Stars
Hearts and Stars 1"

Peace 1"

American Flag 1"

Black Rebel 1
Black Rebel 1"

Pink Rebel 1
Pink Rebel 1"

Horses 1
Horses 1"

Sports 1"

 Reflective Green 1"

 Reflective Yellow 3/4"

Reflective Orange 1"

Standard buckle collars come with four grommets, spaced one inch apart. For the proper size please measure your dog's neck and specify the length of the collar needed. For Example, a 21" collar length will have holes at 19", 18", 17" and 16".


 Pink Diamond 3/4"

 Blue Diamond 3/4"

Red Stars 3/4
Red Stars 3/4"

Pink Paisley 3/4
Pink Paisley 3/4"
Leopard Hearts 3/4
Leopard Hearts 3/4"

Starry Night 3/4
Starry Night 3/4"

Argyle Paws Tan 3/4
Argyle Paws Tan 3/4"

Argyle Paws Pink 3/4
Argyle Paws Pink 3/4"


Snowflake Red 3/4
Snowflake Red 3/4"

Snowflake Blue 3/4

Snowflake Blue 3/4"

Christmas Trees 1

Christmas Trees 1"

Peppermints 1
Peppermints 1"

Gingerbread Men 1
Gingerbread Men 1"

Valentines Day 1
Valentines Day 1"

Spider Web Orange 1"

Cats and Pumpkins 1
Cats and Pumpkins 1"

Witches and Bats 1
Witches and Bats 1"