Collar Sizing, Store Policies and General Info:

-- Quick Snap Sizing --

A proper quick snap collar fit is a must for any pet. It should fit tightly enough so that it cannot slip over the head, but loose enough for it to be comfortable.

DOG: For general collar sizing, mesaure your dog's neck while he's standing and add a minimum of two inches, three inches for larger dogs. A correctly fitted collar should allow you to slip two fingers flat between the collar and neck.

CAT: Measure your cat's neck when she's standing and add about one to two inches depending on how big your cat is and how long her fur is. A correctly fitted collar should allow you to slip one to two fingers flat between the collar and neck. Make sure any cat collar you use has a break-a-way buckle or an elastic band which allows the collar to slip off easily.


-- About Martingales --

Martingale collars are great for training as they provide more control over your dog without the choking effect of a metal choke chain or pinch collar. Also known as a greyhound collar, they are great for dogs whose necks are the same size as their heads to prevent them from slipping out of regular quick snap or buckle collars.

Martingales will be comfortably loose when not in use and be able to slip on and off the head without struggle. When the Martingale control loop is pulled, the two slides will pull close together and prevent the dog from "backing out" of the collar.

Please only use a martingale during walks and training. It is not safe to be worn without supervision.


-- Store Policies and Information --

Our quick snap collars, however durable, are not intended for strong pulling dogs. If your dog is a strong puller we suggest as animal lovers, a martingale, gentle leader, or harness for the safety of your companion. Please do not use any Corn Dog Collar product with a tie out lead. Please keep in mind that the more active your pet is, the more wear and tear your collar may show. If your pet is an aggressive scratcher, there is a possibility the ribbon may tear. No pet collar or leash is indestructible, please check your pet's collar and leash regularly for wear and tear and replace when necessary. After the purchase of a Corn Dog Collar product, the use and care of the item(s) is the customer's sole responsibility.


-- Returns --

Your delight and satisfaction is my priority! If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, please email within 30 days. Workmanship issues are guaranteed for life (my life anyway!) Please note that shipping charges are not refundable.


-- Care Instructions --

Hand wash Corn Dog products with mild soap and hang dry.


-- Gerenal Info --

Corn Dog products are proudly hand made in the USA. All nylon webbing is made in the USA as well as most ribbons and hardware.